Therapists as Clients and Therapists


Lori Gottlieb, a writer and psychotherapist (a writer first, which explains why she writes so much and so intimately about psychotherapy- clients sign a disclosure form allowing her to write about them before beginning therapy), recently published Maybe You Should Talk to Someone about her experiences as a client and a therapist.  I have not and might not read it (single parents don’t get to read a lot, and even then, I gravitate first to more professional texts, then biographies, and in a rare moment of luxury, some delicious fiction).  Sometimes it actually hurts to think of all the books I have not read, and music I have not heard.  So, maybe you can let me know if I really should read this book.  

But I found this Fresh Air interview interesting and I thought you might, too, especially if you have wondered how (some) therapists feel about their clients and the therapeutic process.  I will say, I disagree on a few things.  For example, I never find my clients boring, actually!

Also this week, Ms. Gottlieb wrote a follow up article on how much a patient should know about their therapist, and in light of the blog my clients can access due to the extraordinary circumstances of my family’s life, this might also interest some of you.